AM is a modest fashion brand with Anggiasari as the creator behind its aesthetic values. It carries the concept of sustainability by recycling as its design strategy.

Utilized denim garments which are rejected due to defects and overstock from local factories with a combination of locally made environmental friendly textiles.

Valiance, the theme of AM’s new collection. Means the quality of strength and courage to protect. Inspired by sailing vessels which become a defence fortress, it simbolize the human anxiety towards the future’s technological advancements.

Valiance designed in the androgyny style, deconstruction style, sporty casual aimed at women of age 20 – 45 years old for non-formal atmosphere. Valiance has a trapezoid silhouette, inspired by sailing vessels with the strap. The material is reused denim, cotton bamboo, handwoven locally-grown cotton.

Pallet colors used is black, navy, grey, burgundy and green. Details from layers, symmetric-asymmetric portion, structured, unfinished manipulating technique, shredded, patchwork fabric and denim washing technique.


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